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roofing contractorsNow is the time to fix your roof! Now is time to look at a Roofing Contractor in Ontario…

Are you worried that your commercial roofing might leak once the seasonal ice thaws?

Spring and Summer are busy seasons as roofing contractors are called out to attend to leaky industrial roofing systems. Every Fall and Winter, it freezes, then it thaws, freezes again and thaws again, but this year Ontario saw freezing followed by snow in December. This type of weather wreaks havoc with older commercial roofs, causing cracks and leaks that could cause costly damages to your industrial facility. So it's important to hire a roofing contractor like

Most Costly Commercial Repairs Could Be Avoided – Pick the right Roofing Contractor!

Older asphalt or concrete roofs form cracks. During a freeze, water forms ice on the roofs. Heat from the inside of the building, or from a thaw, causes the water to seep into the cracks. Water expands when frozen, so the next time it freezes, the cracks become bigger, causing even more water to seep in during a thaw.

Don’t fool yourself thinking that your asphalt roof has repaired itself!! Asphalt expands with heat, but as soon as it starts freezing again, the cracks return again.

Speak to your local Ontario industrial roofers to repair your leaky roof now and put a maintenance plan in place. can fix your roof and provide a free evaluation. This investment will help prevent costly annual repairs, production interruptions and damages.

Tar and Gravel Roof Contractors - Saving Your Bottom Line

A well-functioning commercial roofing system is one of the most important investments a manufacturing plant, warehouse or factory can make.

Your industrial facility or warehouse stores your equipment or supplies, on which you depend to meet production schedules and client demands. Leaking or flooding will:

  1. Disrupt your production schedule;
  2. Potentially cause stock, material or equipment loss due to water damage;
  3. Damage your drywalls, ceilings, and floors;
  4. Directly affect your bottom line!, the leading commercial roofing contractor in Ontario, fixes leaky roofs and offers  a variety of solutions to meet your specific requirements. We will help you determine if your roof needs to be repaired, maintained, replaced or retrofitted - helping you find the most cost effective commercial roofing solution.

We can salvage any steel, metal, tin and just about any other type of roofing material that has begun to leak, with a retrofit system. can service any style of commercial flat roof:

Tar and Gravel Roof - Repair, Maintenance and Retrofit Tar and Gravel / Flat Roof Solutions
Modified Bitumen Roof - Repair, Maintenance and Retrofit BUR Built Up Bitumen Roof Solutions
Single Ply PVC – TPO – EPDM and Ballasted EPDM Roofing- Repairs, Maintenance and Retrofit
Metal Roofing - Repairs, Maintenance, Coatings and Retrofit Metal Roof Solutions

Commercial Expertise - employs technicians who are expertly trained and industry qualified. We have years of experience in dealing with all types of roofing systems. We have worked on roofs that house mechanical equipment and other complex issues, and we can handle your unique situation.

Maintenance Program -

At, we believe in helping our clients save money by preventing annual leaks and flooding of their commercial premises. When you invest in our maintenance program, we will do planned roof inspections to help prevent leaks and to ensure your business runs without interruption.

Now is the time to fix your roof and put preventative measures in place. Call today for all your commercial roofing requirements.

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